Tina Spratt

Client Testimonials


"As far as being an artists model, I learned that it is not quite as hard as I expected, except for having to stay still for what seems like a very long time, though actually never more than an hour at a time.

Main worry I had was what I look like in an artist's eyes. Tina was very considerate of my concerns, checking at each phase of the process that we were satisfied. Certainly a very thoughtful, thorough and perfectionist worker and I must say I love the result."


"I have been searching for a special piece of art for over 17 years and when I discovered Tina I instantly knew I had found my artist.
Tina is very approachable and friendly, astoundingly talented yet very modest. She has listened carefully to my ideas and guided me so that she could create the panting I had envisaged.  
Spending time in Tina’s studio discussing models, poses and fabrics has been the most exciting time for me. Then watching my painting come to life has been an amazing experience.
She is now hanging in a place of honour above my mantel piece - the only problem being that I am not getting much work done as I keep stopping to gaze at her!"